Data Recovery

data recovery

Data Recoveries are a specialty here at Alpacas Computers. We understand that not everyone backs their data up regularly and can sometimes come to the disastrous realization that their Hard Drive, Memory Card or Mobile Phone has failed and the fear that they have lost all their information, Well don’t stress that is what Alpacas Computers are here for, We have been performing data recoveries for years and have the procedure down pat, trust in professionals to recover your lost information.

  • Due to the nature of data recoveries please contact us or bring in your device to take advantage of our ‘No Obligation, Free Diagnostics’ to know exactly how much your repair will cost before going ahead with it.
  • Due to the nature of data recoveries we also offer an amazing ‘No Recovery, No Charge’ policy so if we, the professionals, can not recovery your information you will not be charged a single cent. Please note this is excluded from the White Room data recoveries.
  • IMPORTANT: As soon as you realize that you have lost information please STOP using the device as soon as possible, this will allow for a better chance for recovery.
No Recovery, No Charge
No Obligation, Free Diagnostics
Data Recovery (HDD)
Data Recovery (Mobile Device)
Data Recovery (Memory Card/USB Stick)
Data Backup and Restore
Data Transfer (HDD)
Data Backup (HDD)
Hard Drive Reformat (Fat32/NTFS)