Soft Launch July 2018

Soft Launch July 2018

Well the time has finally come to open our first retail outlet under our new company name “Alpacas Computers”, We will be doing a soft launch on the 16/07/2018 followed by a major opening a few months later, during this time Mobile Phone, Tablet and Game Console repair will NOT be offered these will be part of the Major Shop Opening, the main reason for this is during the soft launch we will be a one man show and we dont believe we can offer our customers the turn around time needed on these repairs, once we do our major launch and have more staff these repairs will be offered. Now lets talk about how we got here.

Founded Azrac Computers and Entertainment
Our story begins with a business called Azrac Computers and Entertainment the brain child of current owner Aaron Gregory (Az) and his half brother Craig Raccanello (Rac) Together they opened their first retail store based in Budgewoi on the Central Coast in May 2013.
Together they saw great success in managing, operating and expanding into the movie entertainment category when they purchased the Movie Rental store located next to them.
In February 2014 Aaron and his brother parted ways and it was decided the retail outlet would close, From this point forward Aaron decided to launch the business in a sole in-home basis and Azztech Computers was born.

Azztech Computers is born
Our story continues… with the departure of his brother Aaron decided to continue to run the computer repair business by offering his customers an In-Home service and free pickup and delivery.
Over the next few years Aaron would find great success in running the business part time and offering his customers amazing service and quality repairs. Over these few years Aaron would be great business relationships with some of the bigger retailers in Australia, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-FiOffice Works and The Good Guys just to name a few. These contacts allowed Aaron’s services to be offered all over the Central Coast.
In late 2017 Aaron unfortunately suffered an injury that would see him off work till early 2018 in this time both Aaron and his wife Larissa decided that it was the right time to open their own retail outlet.

Alpacas Computers is born
Now that the business was going to truly be a family business Aaron decided that the business should reflect the whole family not just himself (Azztech standing for Aaron’s Technologies originally). After brainstorming a few names and alot of research Aaron and Larissa came to the decision to call the new company Alpacas Computers. The reason they settled on this name is it is an acronym of all the families names and includes a very important person in Aaron’s life.
A – Aaron
L – Larissa
PA – Pa for Aaron’s Pop who taught Aaron everything he knows about computers and who inspired him to pursue it as a career.
C – Connor
A – Abbie
S – Sianna

In July 2018 Alpacas Computers will open in Gwandalan and who knows what the future holds. All we can be certain of is that the legacy that came before us will continue and all our wonderful customers, friends and family can continue to expect the best quality repairs, fast service and a great price for years to come.

Our story will continue as we grow and look towards the future. So please feel free to Contact Us on 1800 ALPACAS (257222) today.

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